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Zhiyun Z1 evolution Gimbal

Zhiyun Z1 Evolution 3 Axis Stabilizer Gimbal (New Version) Review

Zhiyun Z1 Evolution Gimbal

Rating: 8 out of 10

This new version of Zhiyuns popular gimbal is what I purchased for my Hawkeye Firefly 8S action camera.  The Zhiyun Z1 Evolution gimbal is purposely made for GoPro size action cameras and all that fall within those sizes should fit.

A cheap selfie stick was always used by a lot of people for action cameras. But when moving about that’s where these gimbals have now come into their own as they always stay level.  Meaning they keep the camera level.  They counter balance most of the movement producing steady and stable watchable videos.  That’s why I purchased this gimbal.  So I could just grab my camera and at the flick of a switch use it to film myself on the move.

Zhiyun Z1 Evolution gimbal

It allows you to film yourself as a selfie stick.  Or more impressively it allows you to become an extremely experienced camera man who would normally be wearing hi-tech equipment to produce smooth film footage.  That’s what you can do with this gimbal for well under £200.00.

In the pic below filming at low level produces some great video.  Steady and simple to do with the Zhiyun Z1 Evolution with it’s 3 axis system.  Although care has to be taken of the angle it is held in this mode.  Otherwise the gimbal body itself can appear in camera shot if you hold it completely vertical.   So the gimbal is best held at off vertical by about 30°.

So whatever angle you hold or move the 3 axis gimbal.  It  counter acts that movement to keep the camera level and focused on its subject.  This then takes most of the shake and judder out of the video.

There is some movement still present.  But it is very slight and smooth.  In most cases even this movement still present adds life into the video.

It has a tripod mount screw thread on the bottom so it can be used on a variety of static mounts.

Manual settings

The Zhiyun Z1 has manual settings.  Where at the press of a switch you can hold the gimbal static.  Then manually pan the camera up and down and from left to right allowing you to turn well over 180°.  Great idea when tripod mounted producing smooth video.

Rechargeable batteries which last for they say up to 12 hours.  Also a couple of leads come with this kit which allow you to connect the gimbals batteries to power the camera and connect to your pc.

As you can see by the pic below.  It completely disassembles so it can easily fit your camera bag.

I purchased it from Amazon for less than £180.00.  But since then it has even been reduced by much more from time to time to around £126.00 at time of this review.

Conclusion.   The  Zhiyun Z1 Evolution gimbal is a great product for filming on the move.  On a very rare occasion for an unknown reason it gets confused.  But turn off and on again and it resets itself.  Then all ok.  They are a great idea now.  But before long I think camera image stabilization will become so good they will become obsolete. Image stabilization has improved massively in recent years.  But we are a few years off yet and this gimbal is essential for making good video.

The Zhiyun Z1 Evolution is simple to control with a thumb operated joystick for all camera movement.  One touch control.

Purchased myself.

Pros:     Produces stable video.    Rechargeable batteries last a long time.  Easy to use.

Cons:    Ground/low level filming can be awkward.