Rode NTG2 Shotgun Microphone Review

Rode NTG2 Microphone

Rating: 7 out of 10

For outside work I need the right microphone and one that I could use with my other equipment.  The Rode NTG2 is the one which was raved about on Youtube and just about within my budget for use with my Zoom H5, but it can also be mounted on top of my camera.

I must say it is very good.  A directional microphone that allows you to plug into cameras with no phantom power because it has facility for one AA battery to provide power.  But I do not think this one AA battery could last a long time?  Or I can use the phantom power in my Zoom H5 recorder when using it off the camera.  This is a much better option for me by far.  Probably the best way, so that you are not deleting your camera battery and you can keep an eye on power reserves with your recorder.  This way you do not run the risk of losing a recording from the microphones internal battery running down/out with no way of monitoring it.

Weighing in at only 161 grams (without shock mount etc) it is quite a sensitive microphone.  This allows the gain to be turned down very low and limit any other noise that may be around to save on processing time.   So whether pointing at the sound source or as an overhead microphone it is well suited.  Turn the gain up and it will pick up people talking hundreds of meters away.  It is really that sensitive so note any background noise source before you start recording.

The sound is very good.  Clear and crisp so it lives up to the usual Rode reputation.  It measures just 11″ – 280 mm (nice & small) and connects with a 3 pin.  Plus a 10 year guarantee.

With Accessories:

It comes with a foam muffle/wind shield, microphone stand clip and pvc protective bag.  I purchased my Rode NTG2 with the camera mount shock mount which you need and the furry dead cat wind shield which gives possibly better wind noise reduction in only very light breezy conditions.

To be honest I found the Rode dead cat for this microphone useless in anything but the slightest of a breeze.  In any other wind forget it, as you would need a Blimp and Dead Wombat.   Fitting the NTG2 to your camera and then putting on the Rode Dead Cat onto this microphone does not make it suitable to venture outside on a windy day.  The NTG2 is too sensitive a microphone for that.  So in other words, the right tools for the Job.

My opinion of it?   It is great for the purpose I use it, but I wouldn’t bother with the dead cat.

Purchased myself.

Pros:    Internal and Phantom power facility.  Small enough for camera mounting.  Very sensitive and clear.

Cons:  No on/off switch for internal battery power, so when not in use the battery if installed just runs flat.

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