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Product Reviews

Rosie’s Product reviews

I thought I would review and share my thoughts on some of the products and other services that we use from day to day.  So this page is to list all of the product reviews.

We always do a little or even quite of lot of research before we purchase anything really.  Most of the time we get it right, but sometimes we end up with some right junk.  Well in this section of my website you will see some honest reviews of the things that we have purchased.

If someone has given something for me/us to review, then it will be stated as such at the beginning of the review and there will be no holding back if it turns out to be a pile of junk.

If the product is good, then it will certainly be recommended and all products will be thoroughly inspected and tested.

One thing is certain though.  Any product reviews will be updated as time and it’s use moves on.  So if problems/faults appear over time, the reviews of that product will be updated to suit.

Just click on the links below for whatever interests you.

Hope you enjoy!   xxx

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