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PEBA 1296p Dash Cam Review

Peba Dash Cam

Rating: 2 out of 10

The review below is how this camera performs from new, which was very good.  Unfortunately in the camera I purchased, it only works as below for a short time.  Approximately 12 months and then it was displaying the video.  But it wasn’t recording, which I only found out a few months later.

Dash Cam Specification

This Peba Dash Cam has a higher spec super 1296p hd resolution which is higher than normal 1080hd video quality.  But this is not 4k for those of you who want the latest spec.  It has night vision, motion detecting, crash recording and a parking monitor.  It also has an almost three inch screen to view the videos that you have recorded.

When filming it records in a loop continuously in 3 or 5 minute long files.  Which means that instead of having one big long video which could be an hour long or more.  If something happens in the video.  Then to find the incident or scene you want.  These 3 or 5 minute video files are easier to pick out to find the exact files you require.  Because there is a thumb nail displayed that you will be able to recognize as the place in the video you want to inspect.  It just keeps recording until the card is full.  Then  the camera deletes as it records again over the existing files as it proceeds.  But it will be saving anything important like a crash in the process.


I knew nothing about these cameras until I purchased this camera.   It is very straight forward and simple to install it took me no longer than 15 minutes.  Most of that time was cleaning the whole of the inside windscreen.  Then hiding the cable from the camera to the cigarette lighter which it uses for power so that the cable was not hanging down in my windscreen view which I hate.

The plug that goes in the cigarette lighter for power has a light on it so you know it is live, and it also has a usb socket so you can power other devices or even charge you mobile telephone at the same time the dash cam is in operation which I thought was a good idea.

In Operation

The Peba Dash Cam is in operation continuously as it switches on when I turn the ignition key then records for the whole time the car is travelling or stationary, and automatically turns itself off when I turn off the engine and take the key out of the ignition.  It tells you this with a welcome and goodbye tone and message as well.  So you know it is doing it’s job.

You can even turn it back on and reset it in just a few seconds to operate as a security camera which will use its motion detecting facility and detect anybody messing around the front of the car.

It also takes still high resolution photographs.

Viewing & Playback

The videos are very clear and you can clearly see number plates of oncoming cars when you are both travelling at speed towards each other about 5 to 10 metres in front of you.  When your car is stationary you can read number plates a lot further away.   All this is when you load the video files to your computer of course.  The video is then under more scrutiny, so you can see a lot more clearly.

To load to your pc if a desktop you have to remove the camera or card and connect it to your desktop, otherwise just take your laptop or tablet into the car and download the videos from the camera in situ which takes just a few minutes.  All is downloaded through usb as there is no wireless facility.

You will need to purchase a separate 32mb class 10 micro sd card as there is not one supplied with the camera.  It is a bit fiddly to install as well and you need to get it totally pushed in otherwise you will have problems as I did at first.

Conclusion.  It’s cheap and you get what you pay for.  I would not buy this camera again.

Purchased myself.

Pros:     Very clear video.  Good night vision video.  All automatic operation camera.  Price under £40.00

Cons:    Separate 32mb SD card extra cost.  No Wi-Fi.  You may get 12 months from it as I did.  Not money well spent.