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Neewer 8 ft Extendable Microphone Boom Pole Review

Neewer Boom Pole

Rating: 8 out of 10

The Neewer extendable boom pole is a worthy asset to my equipment.  Most of my other microphone/sound gear is by Rode but when it came to getting a 8 ft to 9 ft extendable boom pole.  I am sorry Rode but you are having a laugh mate.  At nearly £90.00 for your 3 meter extendable boom pole, you are seriously off the scale.  So I look at some other makes and I came across this little gem from Neewer for around £26.00.  Yep that’s right a Neewer extendable boom pole extending to over 8 ft, for just £26.00 over a similar one from Rode costing more than three times as much!!

Neewer extendable boom pole

Neewer 8ft/2.510m Boom Pole

Ok it arrives and what do you get?  ….. Well I hope you are sitting down because you actually get a very good, well made, light weight 8ft extendable boom pole, with its own zip up waterproof canvas type bag with adjustable shoulder sling.  Is it as good as the Rode?  I don’t know but it does everything it is supposed to do and is decently made so who cares?  Not forgetting it is less than one third the price of the Rode boom pole!

Well it’s not quite an 8ft boom pole.  It is actually a 42.5″/1.080 meter extending to 98.5″/2.510 meter boom pole.  So is in effect almost an 8 ft 3 inches long boom pole.

Foam hand grips strategically placed along the pole for comfortable use.

Velcro cable ties (3) to keep the microphone lead out of the way.  A good idea because cables are a pain in this situation.

A 5/8″ or metric adapter thread to fit such microphones which fits over the standard 3/8″ microphone thread.  But you will mainly need the 3/8″ thread.  Neewer even supply you a little pouch inside the boom pole bag to keep this thread adapter in.

There is even a 3/8″ mounting thread in the base of the pole which I can only imagine is for some kind of attachment or extension?  Very good idea and little things like this are a blessing.

The pole is strong lightweight aluminium and the locking rings have rubber grips.  Has not slipped yet and the Rode blimp and microphone aren’t what you call featherweights.

Neewer extendable boom pole

When fully extended it is comfortable to use and handles well.  It is strong and not rickety or loose.  Remember you may only rarely use a boom pole fully extended.  Not all situations require this.

Conclusion.   I honestly cannot fault this Neewer boom pole and it’s well worth the money.

Purchased myself.

Pros:    Great quality and well designed.  Price.

Cons:   None.

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