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Mountain Warehouse Mcleod Womens Walking Boots Review

Mcleod Womens Walking Boots

Rating: 7 out of 10

I live in the wilds and mountains of Ireland so I already have a pair of quite robust hard wearing tough walking boots which are really solid.   But I needed something lighter I could just slip on and just wear for a quick walk or a dash to the shops.  I found these Mcleod womens walking boots from Mountain Warehouse.  These walking boots are lightweight and made from a soft synthetic material so extremely comfortable.  They are retailing at under £25.00, so I thought at that price I can’t really go wrong.

The Mcleod Walking Boots

The insides are quite well padded out.  So it’s a bit like slipping on and lacing up a pair of slippers that seem springy.  They give you kind of bounce when you walk instead of wearing lead weights.

They are an all man made material boot with no leather in sight.  So obviously they do not have that thick solid look to them.  Even so there must be miles of stitching in these boots.  So a lot of work has gone into them and they appear to be quite well made.

A decent chunky well gripped man made sole that should last a good time.  They fit just under your ankles, so high enough to give them plenty of support.

It is the comfort though with these walking boots as they are so well padded and soft after five seconds you would have forgot you are wearing them.

Conclusion.   So far so good.  I am pleased with them.  I wasn’t expecting military boot quality at their price.  But what I have got I think is well worth what I paid for these boots.

They would be the kind of walking boots that you could wear anywhere and more suitable for walking on good ground.  Not rocky wet boggy ground where they would get a good bashing.

Purchased myself.

Pros:    Comfort.  Well made.  Price, under £25.00.  Wear anywhere look about them.

Cons:   None as yet.

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