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Led Lenser Head Torch

LED Lenser H14.2 Head Torch Review

LED Lenser H14.2 Head Torch

Rating: 8 out of 10

We are always out and about during the night and we have several handheld torches some of them even LED lens torches. We had bought several head torches before the cheap versions costing about £4.99 at the most and to be honest they were not very good. Well we needed a new one and we thought this time will buy something decent.  So we went for the LED Lenser H14.2 Head Torch.

After a lot of searching we decided on an LED lens as we already had a LED lens handheld torch so we opted for the H14.

Led H14 Head Torch

The torch and its capabilities

This torch is well made. The torch head itself is completely adjustable and locks into position when you move it up and down. A quick turn of the torch head and this will alter the diameter of the beam from a spotlight which has a bright range of about a hundred metres to a very wide floodlight for close-up work.

The on-off switch is on the torch head side is easily accessible so there is no fumbling around trying to find it.

The battery pack is on the back of the head.  It holds four AA batteries which last a fair while depending on use. But torch power can also vary by using another switch located on the battery pack.   This switch can also increase the strength and power of the beam from the normal regular mode to a high-intensity light for a short period.

Led Lenser

By some electronic wizardry even when the batteries are almost rundown. The clever control on the battery pack manages to boost power from the batteries to give high-intensity light for that short period when needed.  This control also regulates the light.  So it is never intense at the beginning and then goes dim when the batteries need changing.  It is always a constant brightness and at a regular power.

The head straps are the usual LED lenser quality and very comfortable.

Blinded by the light

It says on the box 1000 lumens power and a range of 300 meters.  But in reality the range of the ‘useful light’ would be a third of that.  After 100 meters you struggle to identify animal and smaller sized items.  I would say after 150 meters you are going to struggle.  The light may reach what is claimed.  But what use it is out at that range is another matter.  Also to be on high beam/spotlight setting to reach the far distances.  Can only be done for short periods otherwise you will flatten batteries very quickly.

LED Lenser H14.2 Head Torch Battery Life

It says up to 35 hours.  Well surprisingly the batteries do last a long time but I have never timed them.

Led Lenser H14 head Torch

Also when the batteries are about to die.  It starts to flash which every time has confused the hell out of us while engrossed in doing something at night.

Conclusion.   It has to be the best head torch I have used up to yet.  Well made and powerful and the batteries last a long time.  It is a great work light for close up work for a long time.  It is a good powerful beam/spot light for short periods only.

Purchased myself.

Pros:  Powerful light.  Battery life.  Well made.

Cons:  Non really.  But if the battery pack was on the top of your head.  An action camera could be attached very easily.

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