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Konig and Meyer 21090 Microphone Stand Review

Konig and Meyer 21090 Microphone Stand

Rating: 8 out of 10

I did a lot of searching for a good microphone stand online and most of the cheaper makes had complaints about cheap plastic and bits breaking on them when trying to tighten them up.  So I opted for this professional Konig & Meyer 21090 microphone stand.

Konig & Meyer 21090 microphone stand

I must say it was a wise choice.  Solid construction using strong metal where needed.  Clamps need pressure to be tight, so any clamp needs to be metal.  Then Konig & Meyer have only used plastic where it is ok to do so.  No plastic in any stress points.

Konig & Meyer 21090 microphone stand microphone cage attachment.

It may be almost twice the price of the cheaper microphone stands that you see for sale.  But if it means no more microphone movement and repeated adjustment, or broken cheap plastic fastenings/clamps, then that’s great in my book.

The metal clamps/fastenings I think are steel and not cheaper diecast alloy.  But I think the base section is. There are no pressure clamps in this section anyway.

I use it with a heavy condenser microphone, pop filter and shock mount in fact the complete Rode NT1A kit.  So a big heavy old lump of a thing and I still get no movement from the boom arm of this microphone stand.  The boom arm of this microphone stand is only a short one, so heavy microphones can cause movement problems.  There is and has never been any movement with this microphone stand in it’s use.  It has been manufactured to a high standard which reflects the extra cost over others available.  The same old thing applies……You get what you pay for.

Conclusion.   Quite good and the less plastic the better.  Well constructed.

Purchased myself.

Pros:    Solid well made.  Metal fastenings/clamps.

Cons:    None as yet.

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