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IWMH PU Computer Chair Review

IWMH PU Computer Gaming Chair

Rating: 6 out of 10

I hate buying office chairs as there is some pure junk out there and I am the one who usually finds this out to my cost.  But this IWMH PU Computer Gaming Chair seems to be quite well suited to what I am looking for.

The usual trawl of office supply websites to find the same items far cheaper on Ebay, Amazon and the like.  So this chair caught my eye because of its sporty look.

First impressions it looks like a brightly coloured sporty rally car driving seat with arm rests.  The one I purchased is black and grey as I thought I would tone it down a bit so I wouldn’t need the sun glasses and save my eyes.

I also have an expensive Directors chair in my office which cost over £200.00 ten years ago and I thought this chair would be similar to this but it isn’t.  I wouldn’t really say it’s an office chair even though it would easily do the job.  It is more a computer gaming chair.

The IWMH computer gaming chair is not as wide as my directors chair and is shaped to hug your body just like a sporty car seat is shaped to keep you in the chair so I wouldn’t advise this chair for really large people.

Well Designed

Some thought has gone into the design with adjustable back rests which can be perfectly positioned by yourself to support the small of your back.

There is a neck/head rest which is a fully adjustable elastic type also to suit tall or smaller people, but the head restraint part of the chair is very high for the tallest of people anyway.

It has small ‘Queen Anne’ style shoulder wings which really keep you upright and comfortable and stop you falling sideways

The back is fully reclining just like a car seat, so you can drop it back a notch if you have just eaten a blow out lunch and relieve the pressure.

Of course the arm rests and seat are also fully adjustable as usual.

Now when something says pvc or pu I automatically think the usual thin vinyl which you just know is going to tear along the stitching.  This chair is very well made and well padded ou, so hopefully there are no worries there.

It cost me just over £100.00 from Amazon and to be honest I think at that price you can’t go wrong because you really get a comfortable well made office type chair for that price a lot better than the cheaper junk.

Conclusion.   For the money it’s quite good and stylish.  I can see it must be popular with gamer’s.  An office chair?  Well I would prefer something larger and more comfortable, but then that would be twice the price and more.

Purchased myself.

Pros:    Comfortable.  Well designed.  Fully adjustable.

Cons:    Will not suit larger or overweight people.

IWMH PU Computer Chair – latest price on Amazon