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Ireland a place of evil

My new book available as an ebook for you Kindle users on Amazon.  A gripping mysterious thriller set in the west of Ireland.  It is also now in Paperback as well from January 2020.

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Ireland a Place of Evil is really a mysterious thriller with horrific events set mainly in the west of Ireland.  I wrote it initially between 2010 and 2012, but life’s events meant it got shelved until I revisited it in the summer of this year and published it to Amazon 16/12/2019.

It is a story about newly weds Linda & Alan who visit the west of Ireland on honeymoon and their story unfolds from there.

Here is the books description:

Linda is a mid-twenties New Yorker who has a passion for photography and journalism.  Her aim is to become a travel photographer for the busy growing tourism industry.

It is 1981 and she marries the man of her dreams.  A young man who comes from a small town just outside New York city.  Her new husband Alan is an ‘Irish American’.  His father was an immigrant from County Roscommon Ireland. 

After getting married, they both enjoy a dream honeymoon visiting the west of Ireland.  A romantic place which was then largely un-spoilt and sparsely populated.  A place which is used by the film industry and photographers because of the remoteness and natural beauty of the area.

What they both discover is an idyllic dream like existence far removed from the madness of New York city life.  A real life Hollywood picturesque place of olde thatched cottages, mountains and deserted beaches.  Of course, that is all on the surface.  What lies beneath can be another thing altogether, and in their case it certainly was.

Worlds events kick start Alan’s exciting new job in the defence industry into action and then Linda and Alan Connolly’s life spiral out of control to unforeseen and uncharted waters. 

What happens next to them is ……………….

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