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Heston Blumenthal Sage BJE820UK Pro Centrifugal Nutri Juicer Review

Heston Blumenthal Sage BJE820UK Pro Juicer

Rating: 7 out of 10

The Heston Blumenthal Sage BJE820UK juicer which is a pro – professional centrifugal type of juicer.  At approx £270.00.  I thought this has got to last.

It is a solid stainless steel body.  I wish all of this juicer was stainless steel as there are plastic parts to it and they are well made and appear to be strong so that’s good.   But that is a pure disappointment to me. Because I can remember when appliances were all metal and made to last. Before breakable plastic was used mainstream as everything is today.  It appears that the BJE820UK started out to be made all from metal and made to last, but then they decided on plastic on some parts for some unknown reason?

Powerful motor

It has a huge powerful 1500 watt motor that absolutely smashes fruit and vegetables to pieces no problem.  The hardest thing I have put in there is beetroot.  To make beetroot and apple juice, and even when you have peeled beetroot they are still rock hard.  Because you are juicing them raw.

There is a loud clatter from the titanium blades and the rock hard beetroot is mashed to a dry pulp with every bit of possible juice extracted from it running into the plastic container.  It really is a powerful juicer.

It takes care of anything that I have put into it and leaves the solid of the fruit and vegetables quite dry.  This juicer really gets the maximum amount of juice out of them.

The juice container holds over a litre of clear juice which I refrigerate and drink when I want.

Soft fruit

It is not as good with soft fruit like bananas, because soft fruit and bananas in particular are quite gooey when juiced and the juice isn’t just clear juice.  It will contain solid material.  But it really comes into its own with hard solid crunchy fruit and vegetables and leafy vegetables.  Most other juicers with less power will struggle with.

Cleaning is very easy because of the stainless steel and plastic it usually means just a run under the hot tap and all is done.

Conclusion.  The Heston Blumenthal Sage BJE820UK Juicer is a well made juicer with a powerful motor and it’s ability to get the maximum clear juice from hard fruit & vegetables.  But I think the use of plastic on some parts lets it down.  If it was all metal then the high price would be well justified.  It’s a personal choice. The younger generations wouldn’t have a clue as to what I am referring too.

Purchased myself.

Pros:    Exceptionally good juicer.  Powerful motor.  Solid stainless steel body and strong plastic with titanium blades.  Large juice container.

Cons:    Expensive at over £250.00 but my experience with juicers is you get what you pay for and the cheap ones are pure junk.

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