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Heavy Duty Heat Resistant & Flame Retardant Welding & BBQ Gloves From No Cry Review

‘No Cry’ Heavy Duty Heat Resistant Gloves

Rating: 7 out of 10

I needed some heavy duty heat resistant gloves for my wood burning stove and for my barbecue.

My husband told me how they used thick leather gloves when handling hot metal in factories and found these really thick suede leather ones on Amazon from a company called ‘No Cry’.  (Somebody got a sense of humour).

The suede type leather is very thick.  A bit stiff at first but it soon loosens up after being used a few times.

More importantly you cannot feel the heat through them and at the most you can just feel them getting slightly warm in normal use on my stove and barbecue.  So there will be ‘No cry’ from me.

They are sold as welding gloves or gauntlets.  Well if they are thick and heat resistant enough to handle hot metal then they must be ok for a wood burning stove or a barbecue.

Being bright red I don’t think I will lose them either.

Conclusion.   They do the job and less than £10.00.

Purchased myself.

Pros:    Thick Leather.  High heat resistance.  Cover a good way up forearm.

Cons:   A little stiff when new.

‘No Cry’ heat resistant gloves – latest price on Amazon