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12" Cast Iron Skillet

Euphoric Cookware – 12inch/30cm Heavy Duty Cast Iron Skillet Review

Heavy Duty 12″/30cm Cast Iron Skillet

Rating: 8 out of 10

I was sick of non-stick frying pans which seem to last 5 mins and saw a chef on Youtube using one of these skillets.  So I ordered one from Amazon.  When it arrived I could not believe the weight of this 12inch/30cm cast iron skillet. Compared to the usual frying pan it is a real beast.

Heavy Duty Cast Iron Skillet

These skillets are certainly made to last and could possibly last a life time.  The cast iron is quite thick and they have a long all in one cast iron handle.  Because of their weight, the second handle is a must and makes it very easy to pick up.

They come pre-seasoned which apparently is where cooking oil has been carefully burnt onto the iron.  This then  makes them non stick.

For cleaning all you have to do is pour boiling water over it and give it a good wipe clean.  Then wipe some fresh cooking oil lightly all over it to stop it going rusty.

Sounds insane, but it does actually work and nothing has stuck to it yet.  But I have been told you never clean with a Brillo wire wool pad which will remove the seasoning protection from the skillet.

12" Cast Iron Skillet
12″ heavy duty cast iron skillet

Universal cooking

We hardly eat any fried food at all except for steak or burgers. But we use this skillet for making curries and chilli con carni which we love.  It has such deep sides that you could easily cook a family meal in it all at once.   Whether it be a fry-up or something like our curries, this skillet can easily accommodate.

Deep Cast Iron Skillet

The thick cast iron allows the heat to disperse evenly.  This is good for large meals.  Not so good for frying a solitary egg.   This problem is easily overcome by tilting the skillet so then your egg is in a deeper pool of oil and cooks far better.  This can be achieved because the sides are very deep (60mm/2.5″).  So in effect with the skillet being also 300mm/12″ in diameter.  It doubles up almost as a small pot as well as a pan.

Because it is all cast iron and the handles are even cast iron.  It is almost indestructible unless you hit it with something heavy.  This 12inch/30cm cast iron skillet can be used on a gas or electric hob.  Under a grill or in an oven.  On a barbecue or open fire.  The only thing it may have trouble with is a glass topped induction hob.  And it would be the glass topped induction hob who would be in trouble and get smashed if you dropped the skillet on it.

Heavy Duty Cast Iron Skillet


One other thing not mentioned often, but I have read snippets about this which is in the news more and more.   Health reasons for using cast iron cookware over others.  Aluminium and non-stick coated cookware can apparently release toxic substances in to your food.  Whereas cast iron, glass, and stainless steel is safe.   If this is true I would dump any of the dodgy cookware straight away and replace where I can with cast iron.

Cast Iron Skillet

Conclusion.    Very good.  I cannot understand why we went away from these made to last pans to then start using nasty old aluminium non-stick junk.

Purchased myself.

Pros:    Built to last.   Large and deep.

Cons:    A bit heavy for some but that’s because it is well made.  A lid would have made it 100%.

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