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Dokehom DKA0001GY Large Fabric Laundry Basket Review

A Better Type Of Laundry Basket

Rating: 9 out of 10

Oh what a find!  I was totally fed up of the usual flimsy plastic laundry baskets which are available everywhere for dirty or clean washing. Then while looking through Amazon for a better type of laundry basket, I came across what looked like a laundry bag.  I thought it was a good because at least they won’t get in the way and keep getting knocked over as they could be folded up or squashed somewhere out of sight when not in use.  It is the Dokehom DKA0001GY Large Fabric Laundry Basket.

When I purchased mine it was under £13.00.   So I thought what the heck it’ll probably be rubbish anyway I needed one.

When it arrived I was very pleasantly surprised.

It is a quite thick double layered waterproof I think man-made material, which is very strong and will not rip or tear easily. It looks like some kind of plastic heavy duty coated canvas and has two aluminium handles which have rubber grips on them for ease of carrying.

If it ever gets dirty I think you just wipe it down with a damp cloth. If you try to wash it in a machine it would lose its waterproof coating (according to label attached), but then again how dirty is it going to get and who cares?  It’s for my dirty washing.

You could use it for lots of other things besides a dirty laundry basket which is what we use it for. It’s even strong enough to put things like toys even tools inside.  When not in use simply roll it up and put in a drawer somewhere.  It takes up little space and doesn’t keep getting knocked over.

It is far better than what I expected and it is certainly rare today that you find something that has been made to last and that’s what this large laundry basket from Dokeham actually is.

Conclusion.   Better than what I expected.  Well worth the money.

Purchased myself.

Pros:   Strong. Built to last. Lightweight large. Low-cost.

Cons:   There isn’t any

DOKEHOM DKA0001GY laundry Bag – latest price on Amazon