CyberPower CP900EPFCLCD Backup UPS Review

CyberPower UPS

The West of Ireland is terrible for power cuts in the winter. The rest of the year we are subject to the odd power cut even if it only lasts for one second. Whatever causes this in good weather we have no idea, but we have felt the results.  Everybody who works on a computer needs a power back-up like the Cyberpower CP900EPFCLCD UPS, or whatever size/model of UPS fits your situation.

Many times when working on our computer, we have forgot or were unable to backup our work.  Then even the shortest power cut lasting one second or even less, this has wiped out an hour of our work  Because the computer is instantly shut down for that split second.   Then all our work has gone for good.

As we looked for some kind of battery power device, we came across these Cyberpower UPS devices, which we have to say are absolutely brilliant.

So you can have your modem, pc, printer, security cameras alarms, basically anything that you never want switched off.   It will be protected by the Cyberpower UPS.

What they do

How the UPS works is that inside it has a battery which is always fully charged and being charged continuously by mains power.  Your devices plug into this batteries electronic circuitry, so that it’s system delivers regulated power to your devices and protects them in the event of a mains power cut.

So the battery inside the UPS clicks in instantly there is a drop or a surge in mains power.  It then takes over your devices electrical supply.  This then allows all your systems to stay active for a given time (depending on your UPS size).  Or it will shut down after a few minutes.   This is decided by yourself so that no work is lost.   Also your alarms and your security cameras can stay active until normal mains power is restored.

These Cyberpower UPS have been used by us for over 18 months.  It has never let us down once.  Not even with major power outages which we get in the West of Ireland winter storms.  With the mysterious fraction of a second power cuts we get here, the UPS has kicked in and protected our pc’s.

My opinion of it?   Since we installed this Cyberpower CP900EPFCLCD UPS, we have not lost any work on our computer.  So we have even purchased a second. ….  And I am afraid to say ….  We need them!!

Purchased myself.

Pros:    Great protection and has not let us down.

Cons:   The longer outage power needed or the more devices you protect.  The larger powered UPS you will need and the cost rises dramatically.

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