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Curries, Spices & Just Ingredients

Just Ingredients – Spices For Curries

We have an Indian curry about twice every week as we love the food.  We recently found this company called ‘Just Ingredients.’

Restaurants are a big no for us because we prefer to cook our own food.  Then we know what goes in to it.

With Indian curries you need that authentic taste which actually at most restaurants you do not get.  More like a ‘quick part ready prepared version’.  Making your own curries is a lot easier than you think.  In fact it’s easy and there is plenty of help on Youtube etc.

Recently we were a bit shocked to find out about the additives added to the usual shop bought spices.  We are limited to just those here in the West of Ireland unless we were in a larger city like Galway.  A fair distance away.

So we went online and found this place called  ‘Just Ingredients’  who sell a large range of spices and other foods.  They come as an individual spice or ready made curry mixes which you can add other spices to change to your taste.

We bought an organic selection of spices for our cooking.

If you are interested take a look………………..

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