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Cookology PIH300 Portable Single Induction Hob Review

Cookology PIH300 Portable Single Induction Hob

Rating: 9 out of 10

Our gas cooker  broke and we needed a part sent from the UK.  So in between time I ordered two of these electric counter top induction hobs from Amazon.  Cooking programs use them where they cook on a table using a plug-in induction hob.  I thought they were a good idea for my situation.

The Induction Hob

The heat settings go up to 2000 which I think is 2000 watts  This is very very hot and off the scale for most cooking.

If you were frying you would be using a heat setting of 600 – 800.  Boiling, to reach to a boil very fast about you would use heat setting 1600.  I have never used the 2000 setting up to yet as there is masses of heat/power at lower settings.

The Cookology PIH300 induction hob heat settings go up in 200’s so there is plenty of flexibility when frying and boiling down to simmering at the lowest setting of 200.

The fan cooling inside can be a little noisy when both are going at the same time.  But they are very simple to use and portable. You could basically cook anywhere you have power as soon as you have them plugged in.

Care needs to taken with heavy saucepans or a heavy cast iron pot as the top of this induction hob is glass or plastic.  There is a possibility of them getting cracked by dropping a pot/pan down too hard.

Conclusion.   I find them perfectly ok and do exactly what they are made for.

Purchased myself.

Pros:    Plenty of power.  Good heat range setting.  Safe.  Easy to use and set up.

Cons:   Just a little noisy.  Must be careful not to break the tops.

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