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Fel Communications EM172 Clippy Microphone Review

Clippy EM172 Microphone

Rating: 8 out of 10

I needed a lapel type microphone for making videos and knew nothing about them, but after a bit of research I purchased the Fel Communications Clippy EM172  Microphone after a chance conversation with the manufacturer and this is what happened.

I came across a small company called Fel Communications who are now part of another company called  The man who owned the company, a man called Nick Roast.  I later discovered through his website that he was BBC sound engineer for over 30 years.  So I thought to myself.  A BBC sound engineer isn’t going to sell any old junk.  So the microphones which are on his website must be of half decent quality.

I didn’t need anything superdooper.  I wanted something for producing my own videos. He advised me to go for this little mono lapel/lavalier microphone which was a clip-on type microphone.  It was their first ever EM172 microphone and it would work perfectly with my Zoom H5 recorder, because the Zoom H5 can deliver plug-in power to this little microphone because it doesn’t have it’s own internal power.

Use & Testing

A few days later the microphone arrived and I must say it turned out quite well. It has a lovely deep warm sound to the microphone and it captures minimal background noise and makes some very good recordings. It actually sounds like a quite expensive studio microphone as the sound is so warm and clear, but it only cost just over £30.

I have used it in the studio and outside when there is no wind, and the EM172 captures the sound near to it from your voice and all other sound like my neighbours dogs barking loudly was minimal so the recording was not spoiled.

It picks up very little background noise.  Somehow they have this just right.  It will pick up sound from just inches away clear as day.  But then other sound is also recorded but kept to a minimum and just so low not to be a problem.

We have used this outside near a road and where dogs were barking on a neighbours property and the recording was ok.

What You Get

The Clippy EM172 microphone is a clip-on lapel microphone.   It needs 12 or 48 V plug-in power from your Zoom type recorder or your camera. Supplied with 1.1 m of cable which is ideal.  Just long enough to comfortably reach the recorder held on your waist and not hang or get caught.  It will plug-in with a 3.5 mm jack plug which should fit all sound recorders and all cameras.

It’s been yanked off, dropped many times, walked on, sat on and once almost put in the washing machine attached to clothing and it still works fine.

Conclusion.  It’s quite good, working after many years and for the money I think it’s great.

Purchased myself.

Pros:    Good sound quality. Low-cost.

Cons:    I haven’t found any yet except next time the XLR plug.

Clippy EM172 Lapel Microphone from Fel Communications – latest price