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Monacor PDM 302 Microphone

Monacor PDM 302 Microphone

Rating:  8 out of 10 The Monacor PDM 302 is a desk microphone and a good choice for a sound studio desk.  We needed a quality desk microphone for whoever is doing the editing to be able to communicate with inside the sound booth.  You would have thought this simple.  […]

Neumann 103

Neumann TLM 103

Rating:  9 out of 10 This is just my experience and opinion of the Neumann TLM 103. Go around the internet and you will see lots of talk and examples on why Neumann microphones are great.  Then you will hear just as many people claim that their  £150.00/$150.00 microphone is […]

LD Systems HPA4 headphone amp

LD Systems HPA4 Headphone Amplifier

Rating:  5 out of 10 4 way Headphone Amplifier I needed extra headphone socket outputs and found this little headphone amplifier at a company local to where I live.  It appeared just what I wanted. It has 4 headphone outputs and individual controls for each output which is good. Powered […]

Rode PSA1 Boom Arm

Rode PSA1 Microphone Boom Arm

Rating: 8 out of 10 The Rode PSA1 microphone boom arm is of a swivel mount design which means that when fitted to the desk or other by it’s clamp.  It will turn 360 degrees, which allows you can use it in any direction from the mounting clamp. I do […]

RODE NTG2 Microphone

Rode NTG2 Shotgun Microphone Review

Rode NTG2 Microphone Rating: 7 out of 10 For outside work the Rode NTG2 is one of the best mid-priced shotgun microphones around. The Rode NTG2 was just about within my budget for use with my Zoom H5.  But it can also be mounted on top of a camera even […]

Zoom H5

Zoom H5 Sound Recorder Review

Zoom H5 Review – A Portable Sound Studio Rating: 8 out of 10 I did a lot of research and I decided on the Zoom H5 for two reasons. One was that it did everything I wanted and more, and the other reason was, I couldn’t afford the top of […]

Audio Technica Headphones

Audio Technica ATH-50x Headphones Review

Audio Technica ATH-50x Headphones Rating: 8 out of 10 Closed cup headphones are what is needed when recording sound.  The big meaty padded kind of  headphones which cover your ears.  This is so  little sound escapes and spoils your recording or could even give any high pitched feedback.  The ear […]