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Audio Technica Headphones

Audio Technica ATH-50x Headphones Review

Audio Technica ATH-50x Headphones

Rating: 8 out of 10

Closed cup headphones are what is needed when recording sound.  The big meaty padded kind of  headphones which cover your ears.  This is so  little sound escapes and spoils your recording or could even give any high pitched feedback.  The ear cups need to completely engulf your ears covering them entirely and there needs to be plenty of padding so a good seal is achieved.  The Audio Technica ATH-50x headphones are just the job and have been made just for that purpose.

Fitting To Your Head/Ears

Audio Technica ATH-50x Headphones fully adjustable in every way

They have a three way hinge system so whatever shape, size and contour of your head they will cover the ears and seal in the sound.  A left and right hinge and two up and down hinges on each ear piece so they can fit your ears.

The headband has plenty of spring in it so the ear pads will be forced on to your head for a tight seal and a length adjustment with size notches to each ear pad for total head shape/size/ear adjustment.

Fully adjustable they are.  All in all no matter how weirdly shaped your head is and no matter where your ears have ended up on it.  Audio Technica have made sure that these earphones should fit the strangest of heads …. even mine and my husbands!

Audio Technica ATH-50x Headphones soft closed ear cups

Are they comfortable?  Well there is some weight to them, so the headband has to be touching the top of your head to support them, otherwise they will creep downwards.  So this will mess your hair up.  But when it is positioned like this the weight of the headphones are gone and you can’t feel them over your ears after a few seconds even though they are a tight enough fit to seal around and over the ears quite well.  The headband where it touches your head has padding so after a few minutes you can’t feel the headband either.

Headphone Leads

The  ATH-50x Headphones are supplied with 3 different types of headphone locking leads. Two studio leads of 1.2m straight and a 3 meter coiled.  Then a 1.2 meter straight portable lead.  All these leads are 3.5mm stereo (gold plated I think) with a 6.3 stereo adapter plug.  A nice little pvc bag for your headphones and leads.


The Sound I thought was very good.  With music it sounded pretty ok to me.  Crystal clear and precise at normal volumes. But I use them for recording sound on my Zoom H5 recorder and for studio voice work plugged into my Audient interface.  There is no leakage of sound from the ear cups.  Nothing was picked up by my microphones in or out of the studio.  This is also down to the closed back design which is essential for recording vocals. I was quite pleased with these Audio Technica ATH-50x headphones with the comfort and fit.  The sound (voice work).  They gave no sound leakage that could be picked up by microphones and in the studio the microphone would only be no more than 12 inches away from the headphones

Audio-Technica Headphones

Conclusion.   For vocals and sound recording they are excellent.

Purchased myself.

Pros:    Comfortable and fit well.  No sound leakage.  Sound good for recording and vocal.  Fully adjustable.

Cons:    Nothing as yet but at almost £120.00 or $150.00 some may find that expensive.

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